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gaya_testimonial graphic“It was by chance that I decided to visit Gaya for a reading.  A close friend passed the contact to me and seeing how Gaya was just residing a few blocks down the road, I decided to take a leap of faith and went to her for a reading.  At that point in time, I was experiencing a difficult relationship with my daughter.  That affected the quality of my family life and, hence my relationship with my husband as well.  Being a deeply private person, I shied away from sharing my problems with friends and tried to put up a brave front.  But deep down, I was suffering from anxiety, frustration and resentment. Gaya’s reading was spot on and till this day, I still had goosebumps remembering how accurate her insights were.  I was skeptical when I first began her coaching session soon after, but was grateful that Gaya was firm in getting me to dutifully carry out the daily manifestation tools.  After the first few sessions, I began to sense the change in myself.  I am less judgemental and more positive in my thoughts.  And that translates into a more harmonious home environment and loving relationships with my daughter and my husband.  As I continue with the multitude of manifestation tools that Gaya has taught me, I began experiencing better and more positive things in life. My daughter’s grades improved tremendously within a short span of 3 months! Most importantly, she relinquished her fear of Mathematics- something that has plagued her for years. Prior to my sessions with Gaya, my daughter has been extremely fearful of Mathematics as a subject.  We have tried many ways to help her throughout the years, but to no avail.  I was at my wit’s ends and Gaya’s coaching could not have come at a better time.  The more I practised the manifestation tools, the easier it is to manifest positive things in my life. The quality of my life has improved so much in a short span of time that it is really quite amazing and unbelievable. There are no more fights and heated arguments in the household; everyone communicates better with one another, and there are lots of warmth, laughter and love in the family. Gaya is a wonderful coach and friend.  The manifestation tools she has taught empowered  me, and give me the strength and the belief that it is possible to ask for and pursue many wonderful things in life. 
Thank you Gaya, no words can ever adequately express my heartfelt gratitude to you.”

Adelene (November 2013)

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