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VIP Day – Your Success Road Map

 Your Success Road Map


Enjoy two a half day VIP coaching experience, where you get every single ounce of my brain-power, heart centered wisdom, transformational tools and my gift as an intuitive to fine tune your vision. What’s more it is purely focused on YOU.

Whether it’s your dream yet to be manifested, budding entrepreneur ideas, entrepreneurs at the growth stage of your business or success stage that just needs a tweak, spirituality, mindset, abundance, life redesign – or any combination of the above, we can work on it.

Give yourself the permission to dream and think outside of the box as this is a “sky is the limit” time with me, your intuitive coach Gaya.

We can dive deep and claim the awesomeness of your authentic self thereby developing strategies that bring out your authenticity, your unique branding in everything you do and whats more I’ll be behind you as you prepare to take the leap.

We can work on facts and figures presented before us the so called current reality check and then allow those grand and bold dreams a chance to take centre stage. YOU can choose what you want to focus on.

I call it the ultimate supercharged brain-picking time that will get you fired up for the next phase of your life. As your mentor, coach, cheerleader and believing eye I am there to help you create those strategies that will skyrocket your success to your desired level.


How does a Your Success Road Map -VIP Day work?

You will enjoy the vastness of the ocean as you give your dreams a voice on a luxury private yacht with me. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and whats more the distractions of technology you will be able to gain clarity on exactly where you see yourself in the following months to come. Brilliant break throughs. Together we can dive headfirst into everything that’s holding you back, blocking you off or keeping you playing small.




The areas where we can make real change and get real results:


 What are Gaya’s clients saying?


“Gaya’s guidance was exceptional, she certainly doesn’t sit on the fence and we are talking decisive input here. Gaya, helps to tell you not only what is around the corner, but what is on and over the horizon!”

“Thank you for moving me closer to my dream Gaya, you are a very special and gifted lady.”

~ Mark Brider  – Sotogrande, Spain


Are you ready to be unstoppable?

Are you ready for that six star lifestyle that begins on a luxury yacht? 

In my experience working with many heart centered business women and men what I have enjoyed the most are the “AHA” moments.

Are you ready to take yourself and your business seriously?

Sign up and let’s rock this thing together!


What’s included?

Two, four-hour, half day heart centered strategizing mornings. The first day, four hours on the amazing luxury yacht and lunch.  The second half day is a bringing it all together grounding day.

A one hour support call to be used before the end of the month following month.

Count Me In, So how do I get started?

Firstly, I would like you to say ALOHA to me: Fill out the questionnaire here

Secondly, you can pop through your investment in full or in 2 easy payments (which needs to be paid in full before the second day). Contact us:

Finally, once we receive your payment, you will receive a personal phone call from me to schedule your Your Success Road Map VIP day ASAP.  

Say YES to skyrocketing your success in your personal and business life!

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