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Little Red Riding Hood – Entrepreneur Fairy Tale

Every story can have an ending of your choice since the pen is in your hand, but quite often we feel powerless to write our own story because we have given it away to another story in our past, present or future. Well what has the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” got to do…Continue Reading

Entrepreneur Strategy – Re-Directed

Every time I think I have anchored myself and I have put a brilliant  entrepreneur strategy in place, the universal guiding hand has had a part in moving me somewhere else or making me glance in a direction I had never thought of, dreamed of, before. Sometimes those redirections have seemed unfair to me –…Continue Reading

Fight Or Flight? For Entrepreneurs

Fight or flight is a widely used phrase in many fields. In the context of business, we often prefer to flee when we get rather uncomfortable with strategies we know we must try, especially when we are invested in shifting our outcomes. Fighting is often present when entrepreneurs are resistant to change. Well, the most…Continue Reading

The Advertising Poem

  I don’t know the author of this poem, but I believe it was published in 1923. As entrepreneurs, how are you advertising your services? There are some simple quick and easy ways you can do this to build your audience and give them a lot of good, juicy and useful information that will keep…Continue Reading

Are You A Committed Entrepreneur

  Are You A Committed Entrepreneur? Giving Up Is Easy, Lets Do The Hard Work I read and watched the story of the Detroit man who walked 21 miles to work and never missed a day. We as entrepreneurs find it so hard to stay committed to our goals and constantly keep on moving our…Continue Reading

Your Ideal Client Profile

Attract Clients Fast: Quick & Easy Steps to Define Your Ideal Client If you want to attract clients fast and grow your business, defining your ideal client is essential. Once you know who your ideal client profile is: creating marketing materials becomes super simple.Your messages will be relevant and compelling ones. Creating the language you’ll…Continue Reading

10 Ways To Network Without Fear

10 Ways To Network Without Fear Networking might not be something you are comfortable with, but guess what – most people aren’t. So, you may ask “How do they succeed as entrepreneurs if they aren’t comfortable doing it?”. I am sharing with you 10 ways that have helped me personally and the many clients I…Continue Reading

From The Paddock – Be Bold And Tell Your Story

Don’t Miss Out On The Upcoming eZINE. Sign Up and Enjoy! FacebookTwitterPinterestLove ThisContinue Reading

For Entrepreneurs New Ways Open New Doors

Old Ways Won’t Open Doors New Ways Open Doors. What keeps you stuck and chasing your tail is not that you aren’t trying hard enough but that your old ways of doing things aren’t benefitting your business or you in any way. When I work with my entrepreneurs, that is exactly the moment, the ‘aha’…Continue Reading