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Do Something That Feeds Your Spirit

When you do something on a daily basis that feeds your spirit it is so easy for you to stay in the “vortex” that state of being where you not only believe in having a prosperous life but KNOW that it is yours to claim. I know that time and time again we are told…Continue Reading

Fight Or Flight? For Entrepreneurs

Fight or flight is a widely used phrase in many fields. In the context of business, we often prefer to flee when we get rather uncomfortable with strategies we know we must try, especially when we are invested in shifting our outcomes. Fighting is often present when entrepreneurs are resistant to change. Well, the most…Continue Reading

Entrepreneur Dreams

Let us talk about dreams…. On one of those lazy Sunday evenings as my husband was flicking through the hundreds of TV channels that are available, he stumbled upon a talk show that was squashing dreams at their stage of infancy. The debate was about the perfect job/career and the “right education”. Everything begins with…Continue Reading

Labour Of Love – My Journal Of Gratitude

  When I began the creation of this beautiful labour of love little did I realize that it will take me on an amazing journey into the world of publishing. I learnt all about printing and book binding.  I also learnt that everything that glitters is worth more. When my book came out in print…Continue Reading

From The Paddock – Be Bold And Tell Your Story

Don’t Miss Out On The Upcoming eZINE. Sign Up and Enjoy! FacebookTwitterPinterestLove ThisContinue Reading

Mercury In Retrograde 2015 – That Time Of Year Again

Mercury Retrograde 2015 My printer refused to print this morning, mixed up my appointments and my email crashed and began bouncing all the emails back to the sender. Yes Mercury is in retrograde so what do I do? Some of the popular do’s are: 1.Taking some time out time Praying, meditating, journaling and all the…Continue Reading