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gaya_testimonial pics_catherineI was introduced to Gaya through a personal friend who had also had a life changing experience. My life at that time was a particular low point with no clear vision of how to pull myself out of the depths.

Gaya met me within 24 hours of my crisis and set to work on clearing my mind and changing my thinking. Knowing nothing about ‘life skills coaching’ I was a bit reticent to believe and feel everything she was giving me, but after a week or so things began to change. I saw affirmations almost immediately, felt more positive, had more energy and could see maybe I did have a path to follow out of my misery. I was determined to adhere to all of her guidelines but found it difficult and told her so every time we met. The answer was always the ‘pen is in your hand’.

Soon I was discovering how powerful my manifestations and meditations were. I had a major affirmation that I would never have believed if someone else had told me. The universe had to do so many things for me so that I could have a trip – it was truly amazing. At that point I knew there was no going back to the way I was before. My thinking and being had changed. I believed.

Each week we met, Gaya always had more words of wisdom, more tools for me and more joy to give. I am very grateful. Now my 12 sessions are over, I thought I may not cope without her guidance but I was wrong, I just close my eyes and hear her words and carry on.

If someone were to ask me to sum up in one phrase what I have learnt and taken way from my time with Gaya, I would have to say “THE PEN IS FIRMLY IN MY HAND, THANK YOU’.

Catherine Sas-Skowronski (Mrs)

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