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Celebrating Literature Month Ends With Shakespeare

Celebrating Literature Month Ends With Shakespeare

“A pound of  flesh and nothing more” Had Shakespeare thought about measuring pain? The flesh in question, sought by Shylock from Antonio. A mere representation of the debt owed by the Italian to the moneylender.

Shakespeare cleverly gets Portia to deliver the resounding smack on the wrist. The pound of flesh did not include a jot of blood.  It was just a pound of flesh. Blood aside. What about pain? Could that have been measured at all? Whose pain then we ask was to be measured? Was the audience to sympathize with Antonio or empathize with Shylock?

Antonio, if fate had it, would have lost his pound of flesh, blood and all. Should we discount the moneylender’s emotions at the end of the day?Mocked and shamed, Shylock, at the end of the play, lost his money, his pride and his collateral. Immeasurable.

And then there is the power of love…..

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