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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution



Conflicts At Work:

Conflicts arise due to many reasons in the workplace. Multiple personalities with many gifts and skills are bound to clash, especially when they believe their viewpoint will bring about the best solution or outcome, because they sometimes feel excluded when they can genuinely add value, or because they are simply misunderstood.

Some Common Types Of Conflicts:

  • Interpersonal Conflicts – these conflicts are mostly about the individual’s self worth, self esteem and self-image. In relationships they place importance on loyalty, confidence or breach of confidence, betrayal and lack of respect, appreciation and acknowledgement, to name a few.
  • Structural conflicts are often about the goals of the organization or the individual, structures and procedures in place.
  • Conflicts of interest – Personal & Organizational is often about the ways in which the means of achieving goals are distributed, which are mostly about resource distribution, time management, money, staff, space, knowledge and expertise.

In over a decade of experience in this field, I have had the absolute pleasure of evolving magnificent sustained resolutions with my clients’ personal and organizational issues. This is why I mainly focus on Conflict Resolution as opposed to Conflict Management, as the primary emotion the latter term itself implies is that there will be always conflict as opposed to moving on swiftly into inspirational territory with new awareness.

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