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Business Start Up From Ground Zero or At any stage of your business  – Make That Dream Come True

Offline Entrepreneur Strategies


   ▪     Your Business Idea – Let us give your ideas a voice

Brainstorm  and come up with a list of brilliant business ideas

Define & refine this list to select the best idea that is the best fit for your skills and passions.

Put the idea to test and explore the viability of your passionate business idea that makes your heart sing every time you think of creating it and turning it into a success.


   ▪     The Business Model, Success Systems & Pricing Strategy.

Develop your business model which includes the systems that need to be put in place, identifying multiple revenue streams and turning your passion into “the idea”that brings in cash-flow.

Pricing strategy involves confidence and self worth a clear understanding and a mindset that helps you claim your true worth. You valuing your services so that others value what you have to offer.

Your place in the entrepreneurial world. Authentic services and products that let you command premium prices for your premium services.


▪      Name It And Claim It – Brand Identity & Your Ideal Client

Your unique story –creating your personal brand.

Clarity –Knowing your target audience and being clear about your message.

Your business matters and your business matters – Choosing your business name that is a perfect fit. Your business cards and Logo design.


The Goal Setting Process – Business Goal Setting

    • Setting powerful goals
    • Plan, strategies and project manage the goals.
    • Small steps you must take to stay committed and achieve quantifiable results.
    • Become the best action taker you’ve ever been.
    • The joy of ticking that checklist.

Align your spiritual values to the way you market and build your business.

    • Are my business plans aligned to my core values and believes
    • Are my spiritual values compromised
    • Is it ok to come out of the spiritual closet
    • Am I being spirit centered and heart centered as an entrepreneur
    • Am I spiritually marketing my business

Online Entrepreneur Strategies

The World Wide Web – Ready To Be Noticed & Launch Your Website.

Your domain name and choosing whether to design your own website or outsource Choosing the right web platform –an introduction to WordPress if you choose the DIY route Does your web design genuinely reflect your business goals and authentic message. Is it an effective website. Resources that are available for you to tap on.


Sales & Marketing – Back To Basics

    • Clear marketing messages that attract your ideal clients
    • Authenticity is the new biz and bus word –Knowing your Niche
    • How to Attract Your Ideal Client
    • Knowing your tribe and identifying what they want.
    • Designing surveys and questionnaires that will point you in the right direction.

Creating & Growing Your List

    • Develop an opt-in linked to a mailing list and choosing the right auto responder for you.
    • Content is key so create the perfect teaser that will attract your ideal clients
    • Your online presence –blogging, video blogging and articles.
    • Confidence to shine on Youtube

 Social Media – Are You Connected

    • Facebook –Are you engaging your audience and promote your services
    • Let’s make Twitter work for you
    • Is Linkedin a good social media medium for your business
    • Keeping your tribe interested in your story
    • Pinterest Business Strategies

Passive Income – Create Your Products

    • Evolve downloadable digital products
    • Create a plan to write that much awaited book
    • Your publishing plan and more

Creating Your Events – Online & In Person

    • Are you ready to shine
    • Plan & create online events
    • Public Speaking & events
    • Webinars and Telesummits 

Bonuses You’ll Love

    • Law Of Attraction & Manifesting Tools
    • Identifying & Clearing Those Inner Blocks
    • Daily Practices That Help You Lead A Life Filled With Joy!

In all businesses there are ups and downs. During the downtimes, if there is a mentor/ a coach an external partner to guide you through and shed you some light will that help? As an entrepreneur you might have a vision and a goal. My offer to you as your coach is to help you with crystal clear road signs which are time tested tools that will help you reach your envisioned destination. You might be asking the right questions with unclear answers. Working with me you will gain clarity on the systems that you need in place in order to sit back, relax and finally take that vacation you dreamed of while your business continues to generate income. Every great journey begins with a single step.

Now that you’ve know how we can work together

Are you ready become a successful goal oriented winner? Are you ready to claim your abundance? Are your ready to finally get out there and SHINE?……………… If you are then book a strategy session with me and test it out for yourself. You will amaze yourself just like I did when I reached my dead end and didn’t know which way to go.It is super easy and I mean SUPER EASY so lets get started right away. Email me right now to schedule your strategy session. Love & Light, Gaya Logo Signature{RGB}