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Are you at the crossroad of your life and in need of someone to turn to? Be it family issues, relationships & marriage problems, tired and un inspired with your current career, conflicts with your colleagues or close friends are you ready to shift that low self esteem and become the most confident person you’ve ever known?

“When I was in darkness I needed light
When I was lost I needed a guide
When I was heart-broken I needed love
When I was ill I needed well being
When I was alone I needed a friend
When I was in desperation I needed faith
When I was in lack I needed abundance
When I was in sorrow I needed faith”

~ From Darkness To Light, By Gaya

After more than a decade as a coach and a mentor and helping other coaches find their niche I realized that “life” was my niche. I have spent many a year perfecting my craft so that I can offer you my best. I began living a life filled with love and light so that I can stand before you today walking my talk.


So if you want love and light in your life too let me help you by walking beside you. ARE YOU READY FOR THAT LIFE CHANGING SESSION?

Your Love & Light Coaching Journey

Love – Spirituality

    • Shining the light on your inner wisdom
    • Finding your connection to the Divine
    • Strengthening your connection to Source
    • Learning to stay connected on a daily basis so that you can live from inside out
    • Living a joyfully complete life


Love – Love

    • Shining the light on your love life
    • Understanding the true meaning of a soulmate
    • Rekindling the love in your love life
    • Loving yourself more
    • Knowing clearly what you want in a relationship if you are single
    • Loving your partner/spouse and being joyfully loved in return


Love – Abundance

    • Shining the light on your finances
    • Bringing more abundance into your life
    • Creating abundance in all areas
    • Living a joyfully abundant life


Love – Self Expression

    • Shining the light on your Authentic Self             
    • Loving what you do to flow the $$$
    • Doing what you love to flow the $$$
    • Knowing what your true calling is this life time
    • And making it your joyful life time purpose so that every day is a woohoo day!


Love – Relationships

    • Shining the light on your relationships
    • Loving you family – children/extended
    • Enjoying beautiful quality time filled with peace, happiness and harmony
    • Creating meaningful relationships
    • Living a life of being joyfully loved in return


Love – Well-Being

    • Shining the light on your health
    • Loving your body and nurturing it
    • Enjoying a truly balanced life
    • Living a life of joyful work/life balance


Love – Creativity

    • Shining the light on your creative spirit
    • Feeding your spirit with creativity
    • Having fun with your inner creative child
    • Living a joyful life by being a creative goddess/god


Love – Bonus

The Law Of Attraction 

    • Stop attracting negativity in your personal, professional and business life
    • The Reset Button that immediately shifts your old story so that you can create a new one

Understanding how the Law Of Attraction Works

    • Learn effective tools that you can put to the test straight away
    • The 3 step process of the Law Of Attraction
    • Enjoying powerful and easy manifestations and understanding the segment intentions

My clients have taken the time to share their love and light journey with me so that your lives can be filled with love and light. Enjoy reading their happy, abundant and joyful stories.

Love & light,



Coaching with Gaya focuses on supporting highly motivated clients who are dedicated to clearing their energy blocks and creating profound change in their lives. Her schedule regularly books up months in advance. Sessions with Gaya are 60 Minutes long each. You can email