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gaya_testimonial graphic“I met Gaya last November to start my life coaching course. At that time, I was at a crossroad in my life. I was not unhappy, nor was I unfulfilled, but I felt a little hollow inside. At my first lesson, Gaya asked me to list the things that were important to me, and immediately I realized how much I have moved away from the core of my being. I have become what other people expected of me, wanted of me, and I have become someone who wanted to please and wanted to be liked. Gaya is compassionate and perceptive, and taught me not to stay in the haze. She got me to think that good things are “happening to me now” and with the visualization techniques, I was able to manifest great things for myself.I was able to learn compassion and to cease judgment, which was enormously useful because it took a lot of anger and resentment away from my heart. I was able to look at certain people with kindness, and realize their goodness, when I stopped putting my personal judgment on them. With that simple exercise, a lot of envy, anger and resentment left my heart and I was able to move on and have a much better relationship with the people I had previously disliked and had painstakingly avoided.Gaya showed me all the great things in my life that I had taken for granted, and that the first lesson I should learn is to “give the best present away”. That was a difficult lesson because I was intrinsically selfish and fearful of loss, but when I saw how much I was blessed with, I realized this was a great lesson that Gaya has taught.I would definitely recommend Gaya to anyone who needs guidance in their lives, or just simply to help them find their way. We live in such a noisy world with so many distractions, and it is with the wisdom and patience of someone like Gaya, can we find our true path.Many thanks to Gaya!”

Erica Lai

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