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Jane Austen Emma, Celebrating The World Of Literature

Jane Austen Emma, Celebrating The World Of Literature

Celebrating Literature!

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart,’ said she afterwards to herself.  ‘There is nothing to be compared to it.  Warmth and tenderness of heart, with an affectionate, open manner, will beat all the clearness of head in the world, for attraction: I am sure it will.”

 Jane Austen Emma

One of her more profound heroines, albeit flawed but nevertheless charming. Jane Austen’s Emma is indeed a character to be reckoned with. Perhaps a likeness of the author herself.

The background to her novels is the Regency Era. Society was very much dominated by men. A woman who chose to fend for herself financially was not encouraged. Rather, her social security was through that of her marriage. She understood the women of her time, the challenges they faced to a better life would be through her choice of husband.

Perhaps a reflection of Jane’s own lack of success in matters of the heart, provided the necessary setting for her novels. Nevertheless, her novels reflect her own selfless nature of good tidings and good endings.

Austen was indeed a role model beyond her time. Choosing to buck the trend of expectations Austen pursued her creative interests. Sadly though, her fame as one of England’s best literary exports bloomed posthumously. Her international appeal through the years, has been her ability to engage her reader in the dance of romance and its happy ever afters. She will be indeed be a choice author for generations to come.

This month as we celebrate the Writers Of Yester Years let us enjoy the dance of words and carry them in some form as a gentle reminder of where our dreams can take us.

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Celebrating Jane Austen and the romances that came to life!

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