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gaya_testimonial pics-kellieOver the past three years the life of my family has been has been a tale of mystics, miracles and a journey so sacred that as a result I have undergone a complete life transformation.
On our arrival in Singapore I found Gaya, I had no idea that my life would once again change in such a significant way by meeting with her, and I would now like to share with everyone that is lucky enough to cross paths with her what our life with miracles has been all about.
Just under two years ago our second child was born at 24 weeks. She weighed a mere .625grams. Her body was not properly formed and she was like a tiny little bird. I had been in hospital on bed rest for 6 weeks leading up to her arrival due to massive amounts of bleeding. During this time I was told everyday that today I needed to be prepared to lose our child. This was something that I did not except, we had already lost one and we had one at home that was desperate for her little sister to come into the world.
It was at this time that I really started to talk to God and ask for help, I never for one moment believed that I would lose this child and I knew in my heart that she was strong. I just had to get her to the point that she could be born and the medical world would treat her as a viable baby and fight for her life as hard as I had been fighting for it.
Willow was born at 24 weeks, my body knew at this time it was safe to let go and that she would have enough strength to do it on her own. Willow had such a small chance of survival and if she survived we were told in great detail what her outcome would most likely be and it was one that did not hold much hope. I did not talk to the doctors, I couldn’t, I knew that we would be different, I knew that we would be one of the miracle stories that would blow the medical profession away, I let my husband listen but I could not be part of believing anything but what I believed in my heart.
I chose to trust in my child, trust in my husband that we could make this work and that of course God would look after her. He went above and beyond and today she is a very happy and healthy toddler. From the minute she was born she started performing her own miracles. First of all she survived and her brain was fine, her lungs were fine, her heart was not but right before she was prepped for surgery she decided to close the big whole that was in her heart all on her own. The cardiac team was spellbound and the excitement she generated was amazing. She was going blind with a disease that extreme premature babies get and she now with the help of surgery has brilliant vision.
Our biggest miracle is that now as of three weeks ago willow has been given the complete clear medically. She since birth has had ongoing surgery s from a critical issue with her airway. Twice we nearly saw our baby girl die from this but she overcame it and once again blessed us with the miracle of her life.
When Gaya came into my life we were coming out the other end of willows story, our family was seeing the light again but we were tired. My husband had been by choice unemployed due to her condition and he as like I had, suffered an enormous amount of trauma. He of course is back in the world again thanks to our angel Gaya but that is his story.
My miracles are that Gaya has helped me to find myself again. She has helped guide me that I am so much more than an amazing mother to my beautiful girls and of course an incredible wife to my beautiful husband. I too have a lot to personally offer the world. I am so overwhelmed at all that we have been shown and all that we have been gifted with in regards to willow, it has been the most amazing spiritual journey I could have ever been blessed with.
Through Gaya I have been able to take what I have learnt and create from those lessons. I have been able to stand up and be strong for my family and now we are so blessed to have two beautiful healthy and happy little girls. As a unit we have so much love again and passion for life, our priorities are vastly different to what they were prior to our lessons.
Gaya showed me that the reason that I had willow was so that I could help children and other people that had experienced similar situations to us. I am now writing a book about willows journey and my hope is that if I can just give hope to one other mother who was as scared for their baby as I was then I will be so happy.
In a few weeks I am travelling to India to be a part of I-India’s street child project. This is my own personal miracle; never in a million years did I think that I could be part of something this special and important. In my meeting with Gaya she indicated that I would be doing something very special but then she held back as she needed me to figure it out for myself, I know in my heart that this is what she was talking about. Through my child and the lessons she has taught me I am going to be able to help other children, God could not have granted me a more privileged, beautiful blessing in the whole world.
Gaya is still very much in our lives, she is our truth and I look at her like my teacher. If I ever move from my path I can trust Gaya to get me right back on it and very quickly! What Gaya’s eyes are open to is a pure gift and there is only everything to gain from inviting her into your lives. What she has done for my family I could never thank her enough for, so once again Gaya thank you so much, you have been our very very blessed miracle.
Love always
Kellie Filer

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