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Let Go And Let A Miracle In

Let Go And Let A Miracle In

This is a quick note to say please don’t give up. Just let go and let a miracle in.

Perhaps I am saying this to you because I need to say this to myself, so take a stroll with me if you are feeling exactly the same and together, let us then celebrate the miracle that happens. You will definitely hear from me when mine shows up. But right now I feel like quitting. My biggest question then is, what do I do if I let go of this? Well, first let go and then…..? I guess it’s not the trying that is hard but really the letting go part because we are so used to trying or we are taught this concept from a very young age. “You’ve got to work hard for success……” Let go is easier said than done. Every traveller that is trying so hard to succeed reaches a point where effort does not match reward.

The letting go recipe is being created at the moment and when I have perfected it I will share it with you soon but for now I will go for a walk or meditate.

I have heard this monologue many times as a coach and I have said this many times to myself. Coaches are human too. We also have moments of struggle, pain and the “trying too hard” syndrome.

So please walk with me, and let us check this quote out to see if there really is a miracle awaiting us when we let go. So my fellow traveller – On your mark, get set, get ready and LET GO.

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