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On or about April 2011 when I was very miserable and having marital problems, I was introduced to Gaya by a good friend of mine. Such a blessing that I got to know Gaya and I must say she’s not only been there to guide me but she has become a friend too. She has guided me well and I am not miserable anymore, I have since moved on (very much) and have never failed to thank the Angels (and Gaya too) for the guidance and enlightenment every single day. I was taught to get a notebook and write on the left side of the page whatever I wish for, be it tangible or intangible. On the right side of the page I shall write down at the end of the day all the things I have received and am grateful for. To this day, I am already on my 3rd notebook and am happy to say that I have been receiving such bountiful blessings from God and His Angels. There are days when I don’t really get what I’ve asked for but then again, something even better comes along! Who am I to complain?
Thank you very much Gaya and I do pray for you too that the Angels may continue on guiding you in doing your good deed towards other people, especially to those who need them the most.God bless you and your family always

Marge D’Angelus

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