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gaya_testimonial graphic“I first met Gayathri at  a Holistic Fair held at Fort Canning. My father had talked about meditation and New age beliefs every once in a while so I had an idea what the Holistic Fair was like. I happened to be at a booth where there was a reader lady who pointed to us that Gaya  sitting across was very good with her pyschic readings. So we queued up for our turn to see her.When my turn came, I sat facing her and she asked me what I would like to ask her. At that moment lots of things were running across my mind . Then out of the blue, she asked me,” So what’s this with your mother-in-law?” point blank. I was stunned, because I was actually having major issues with my mother-in-law and Gaya saw right through my head. I remembered my hairs literally stood on ends and I had goosebumps. I laughed and said to Gaya,” You are for real!….” She just smiled . Throughout the short session, she spot on things I had thought of and wanted to ask, and she gave very good sound advice. I felt wonderful and could not get over her accuracy and intuitive insights into my life.Many weeks later, I decided to see Gaya again, this time on a longer session as I was going through a tough time with everything in my life. From disorder in my family to personal relationship with my other half to my children’s wellbeing. This time she used angel/tarot cards to do my readings and whatever appeared in her cards was truth in my life. Two things in particular came up. One of which when she turned the card over, said that I was to have a new home and I would be moving. I told Gaya that it was puzzling because I had just recently moved into a new place already. The other truth that appeared in her card showed that I would be in a wedding gown in the near future. Gaya looked surprised then, so I smiled sheepishly at her and told her that my other half and I  were not officially married yet even though we already had two kids, so there was a possibility that we would be getting married in church the proper way eventually. So that explained why she saw a wedding gown in her card. See how accurate she was?! About a few months later, Gaya’s reading about my shifting to a new place came true. We sold our wonderful studio and made some profit from it, something which I never thought would happen so soon as we only lived there for a year plus. Right after the sale was signed, the first thought that came to me was to call Gaya and tell her the news. Amazing! What she read came through little by little. She had also shown me ways to help myself in terms of self manifestations. My other half had run into some financial trouble with the credit lines and Gaya imparted to us ways to help ourselves out of it and to believe. Positive thoughts. Selling our apartment and making a good enough profit to pay off outstanding debts with the banks was one of the things that happened and saved us. Gaya had told us to think “Debt free”. Gaya is an amazing lady with amazing ability to read people accurately. I never fail to leave her sessions feeling very uplifted and positive, Gaya, you are a truly loving and wonderful gift from God , like an angel sent to help damsels in distress, Thank you so very much! God Bless;)”

Sim Orleen Doll

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