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The Magic Of Christmas…

It is Christmas morning 2015. There is peace and calm all around me and as I live near the bush I am enjoying the chirping of the birds and the gentle relaxing song of nature. Another year complete.

The filled glass….the magic of Christmas

So many miracles to be grateful for and for me the list is extensive. I live a life where I am grateful for the air I breathe and the water I quench my thirst with. I live a life where if I have made someone smile it is a gift from heaven. I live a life where if I have been able to give my family a warm meal, the kitchen angels have been by my side. I live a life where the only sentence that makes a difference is thank you, I am grateful.

My daughters did something so wonderful that it melted my heart. They said “Mum and dad, you have been such givers all your life, serving others and never yourselves, so just for today, let us give you something.” They emptied their piggy bank and counted all their coins and off they went shopping. I await with eager anticipation to open my gift. They not only managed to buy for the extended family but also gave to charity.

When we met for lunch and did the “fast food” they were appreciated for their impeccable manners and kindness in their speech. A proud moment for me as a mother captured not on a phone camera to be posted on social media but permanently framed in the chambers of my heart.

These are moments chiseled in my memory as gifts from heaven. A complement, a smile, an act of kindness are all gifts from heaven. We take the person holding the door for us for granted but for me it is an angel helping me get to where I want with ease. We take for granted the driver that let us merge when we didn’t plan to change lanes ahead of time, for me that is my travel guide’s helping hand. We take for granted myriad events, small miracles and my guess is probably because we consider them small stuff, trivia, common courtesy or at times, ‘I deserve such respect’. My dearest kindred spirits it is the collection of small stuff in my old cookie jar of memorabilia that has made all the difference in my life.

So I sincerely hope that when we connect next year, your cookie jar will be filled with many memories of small miracles and together they make the biggest miracle in your life. Just for today step back, be grateful for all that you have and savour those precious moments that are passing you by with the speed of the fastest steed.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

All my love,

GayaMerry christmas

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