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gaya_testimonial graphic“It was like a prayer answered how Mrs. Gaya crossed my path. Perhaps the universe has sensed my desperation for help and she was sent to me, to help and guide me through a very traumatic period of my life. Mrs. Gaya’s contact was passed to me by a close friend of mine. She was supposed to work on a project with Mrs. Gaya’s husband. That did not work out but what came out of this meeting was the contact she made for Mrs. Gaya and me. I remembered my first meeting with Mrs. Gaya. It was at the coffee club at Ngee Ann City. I was lost, desperate and depressed. My first impression of Mrs. Gaya was that she was like a ray of light made of positive and good energy. She gave me hope that I could climb out of the dark, gloomy abyss I was in. She said the universe has sent her to me. I am grateful that she has appeared in my life, in my time of need. I had a 12 weeks session with Mrs. Gaya. During these 12 weeks, she has guided me step by step, how to climb out of the black hole that I was in. She helped me gained back my confidence, to focus on my goals and to be grateful to all that I have in life. Mrs. Gaya guided me on how to give value on what I do, how to reach out for opportunities, to have a correct mindset, that I have the ability to reach all that I have hoped for and I do deserve to enjoy the good things in life…From the first time we met till now, months have passed. She has morphed me from an insecure, self doubting girl with low self esteem to a confident woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. I am now a confident person who is not afraid to stand my ground, a person who has learn how to value and respect myself, my capabilities and a person who is not afraid to go out and achieve what she wants. With this correct mindset that Mrs. Gaya has taught me, good things have indeed been happening to me. I have attracted the right people into my life, job opportunities have also started to come my way. I am very happy to have met Mrs. Gaya. and grateful for all that she has taught me and made me the confident, strong person I am now.”

Winnie Chin

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