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gaya_testimonial pics_yolandaThis is to testify that Gaya coached me on the “art of manifesting”.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, at the stage when the coaching began. It was a very challenging and difficult time for me and my family. The evening, before I had to undergo brain surgery, Gaya gave me a copy of “The Secret”, which formed the basis of our coaching sessions.

Gaya helped me to change my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. As a result of Gaya’s coaching, I was able to focus only on what I want, and to eliminate most negative thoughts from my thinking process. We also worked on a Vision Board that articulated what I wanted to do with my rest of my life. I also had to list, on a daily basis, ten things that I am grateful for and I had to incorporate meditation as part of my daily routine.

The most important aspect of the coaching exercise was to prepare myself for the follow up visit with the Oncologist and to manifest complete health .I am happy to report, that with Gaya’s guidance I was able to manifest, a clean bill of health. The Dr confirmed that I have no cancer.

Gaya brought to bear many sterling qualities in her role as coach

her complete faith and believe in the art of manifesting.
her acute sense of empathy
her highly developed listening skills
her spiritual orientation to life

Yolanda Sing

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